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Landscape Design

Landscape design is where the installation process begins. It gives the customer a clear plan and outlines the objectives and issues that the customer wants to resolve. Landscape design is about more than creating a visually appealing picture. It is about looking at the issues found within the site such as changes in land elevations, storm water management, the customers wants and needs, and how to extend living and entertaining spaces. Designs include patios, retaining walls, sidewalks, fire places, driveways, tree, shrub and perennial plantings, outdoor kitchens and water features. Landscape designs are completed through a computer aided design program that saves hours of work. We have the right design solution to enhance home or business. 


Landscape Installation

This is where the plan hits the dirt and comes to life. Solutions to problems such as changing land elevations, storm water management and extending the customers living space are put into action at this point. Luckhardt Landworks does not waste any time at this point. Once the plan has been laid out on the ground, we have the equipment to efficiently put the landscape plan into action. Landscape installations include; patios, retaining walls, pergolas, sidewalks, driveways, lot grading, lawn seeding/sodding, tree, shrub and perennial plantings, and water features. I, as the company owner am charge of landscape installations to ensure that they are done properly, safely and with a high level of quality. Here at Luckhardt Landworks we will build your landscape better from the base up. We are your leader in landscape design and installation. 

Landscape Maintenance

The landscape maintenance department will maintain landscapes and gardens in which we have installed, or another company has installed. Landscape maintenance includes; spring cleanup, edging, mulching, weeding, fertilizing, lawn maintenance, lawn overseeding, pruning and trimming, hedging, perennial division and fall garden close down. Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly programs are available. Contact us for pricing and details (519 272 3408 / bryn@luckhardtlandworks.com).   

Excavation / Septic

Compact excavation services are offered for areas that have limited access, sensitive soil, and require smaller and lighter equipment. Excavation work includes site work for small buildings, site grading, site preparation for concrete work, base preparations for signs, drain and field tile repair and other tasks that require such work. Licensed septic system design and installation for rural properties is another service that Luckhardt Landworks offers to better serve our customers. Not sure if an existing system is failing? Give us a call for an assessment. 


Bryn Luckhardt

Bryn Luckhardt

Bryn is a graduate from the Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture, having studied landscape design, maintenance and installation at Canada's leading school in horticultural education. Luckhardt Landworks offers a full range of landscape services with an emphasis on landscape design and installation as well as hardscape design and construction including patios, outdoor bars, outdoor kitchens, sidewalks and driveways. Luckhardt Landworks also offers landscape maintenance and plant healthcare services to our customers. We can offer assistance with all of your outdoor projects from maintaining existing landscapes to new landscape construction. Along with landscape services, Luckhardt Landworks offers compact excavation services for drainage system installation and for areas where access may be an issue and soils may be sensitive to activity. Along with this we offer septic system installation for rural customers. Luckhardt Landworks is a member of Landscape Ontario, meaning that you can trust us with all of your landscaping projects. We work one on one with clients to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your landscape and we strive to build a long lasting relationship with our clients. Luckhardt Landworks is your full start to finish landscape contractor.